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Price Promise

We will certainly not be the cheapest price on the internet but equally we will not be the most expensive either.

If you were to buy a cheaper system you could potentially save a few pounds if their system & their support over the life of the system is as good as ours. However, if it is not - if something goes wrong and they canít put it right or if they are not around in a few years, it will be £££'s wasted and you will then still have to buy a new system at around the cost of our equipment.

The systems we offer will last at least 5 years and assuming that you trade for 300+ days per year the difference between the two systems would probably only work out at to just a few pence a day - and that is the cheapest insurance you can buy.

Having said that if you do manage to find the same product cheaper elsewhere we will endeavour to at least match the price subject to the terms & conditions set out below:

Terms & Conditions

  1. The cheaper price†must be for the same equipment on a like for like basis excluding any promotional offers or free gifts.

  2. A written quotation will be required as proof & must have been issued within the last 30 days to qualify.

  3. The cheaper equipment must be†able to be purchased within the UK & be in stock with the relevant†competitor at time of ordering.

  4. NRG reserve the right to refuse the price match if the terms & conditions are not met to their satisfaction.
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