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Forged Note Detector


Forged Note

This lightweight Forged Note Detector is an ideal way to defend yourself from forged bank notes.

When most counterfeit bank notes are placed in the detector they will immediately fluoresce a vivid blue colour.

Please Note: This item does not detect counterfeit Scottish Notes.

The water mark will be clearly visible and the metallic strip will be shown on both sides of the note as a continuous line.

Not all counterfeit bank notes will fluoresce if in doubt check the watermark the metallic strip the print should be very clear with colours well defined.

The Baijia BJ-136 Forged Note Detector - the ideal way to protect you and your business from fake bank notes.

Key Points:
  • 4 Watt Blue Glass UV lamp

  • Protects Against all GBP Notes

  • Euro Currency Detection

  • Travellers Cheques

  • EU Approved



  • Model: BJ-136

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